The influence of the property market

Indeed, the economic development in recent times is still rather disappointing. Of a V-shaped recovery in the summer as widely predicted, there is little to remember and, despite the billion-dollar economic stimulus programs. One can say at the time: The patient is alive, but the life-support measures will be too expensive in the long run. Ireland is making it before now: the future is announced, save, and then you will have to see how much remains of the boom.

An important economic factor is the influence of the real estate market. The recovery in the Residential Sectors (a long time but does not have the commercial sector) this year, the bank balances beautified (which also had a massive by the end of the Marked-to-market principles have benefited at the expense of potential time bombs in the future), and consumer sentiment slightly improved. One important reason was a decline in subprime mortgage resets, which have in a default rule for themselves. This decrease is predictable, but in 2010 again by a massive increase of reset time (especially in Alt-A Mortgages) superimposed. From 2010, it could therefore lead to a renewed intensification of the housing crisis. In addition, the state aid programs (First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit to) run slowly.

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