The lost decade of stock market

The years 2000-2009 were marked for shareholders of the major indices a roller coaster ride of dramatic setbacks such as the internet bubble, 9 / 11 and banking sub-prime crisis. The Dow Jones stood at the end of the 1999 level.
Massive declines shook the markets and as the real winners stood out investments in emerging markets, in commodities and in caps.
The decade was marked by a dollar crash and the consequent devaluation of U.S. investments.
Example of the boom in the commodities markets was Russia’s stock market, driven by the success story of the raw materials, which exhibited more than 2 decades of underperformance.
Commodities such as oil and precious metals were in demand as the asset class suffered the shares.
The former “Quantum” fund manager Jim Rogers said already in 2003 by the “commodities super-cycle” – the real success trend of the decade. “Help yourself, before they’re hot,” Rogers signed in 2005 his eponymous bestseller “raw materials”.

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