Market for computer games with very good growth opportunities

The market for digital games for computer, console, handheld or mobile phone has evolved in recent years become a very powerful economic sector and is now more revenue than the movie or the music industry.

The mobile games are the future with high growth rates.

The best upside potential in all games shares evacuate the analysts Activision Blizzard ( A0Q4K4) a with 26 out of 27 rating “buy” or “outperform”.

With their cash cow “World of Warcraft” is earned, not only in selling but especially in the monthly subscriber fees of 12 million subscribers (of which 600.00 from Germany).

The industry leader Electronic Arts (EA) (WKN: 878372) is located after a sales decline of 12 percent in 3rd Quarter of 2009 in a crisis and we speculated on a turnaround.

As a German representative of the industry moves and distributes the Frogster Interactive Pictures AG (WKN A0F47J / ISIN DE000A0F47J1) on-line computer games. The focus is placed on the growing market of virtual worlds, so-called massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). Frogster buys both at home and abroad MMOG games and similar licenses and provides the book with the German language and text.

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