Thoughts on the gold standard and the precious metals

At least gold and silver have their importance as real money in the industrialized world largely lost. The thesis is that money is a relic of past times and for coverage of the currency in the modern economy rather unfit. The idea, however, still reigns in some emerging or developing countries, etc. That’s because of unnecessarily restricting backed currencies, the dynamics of the economy.

The moderen monetary policy has replaced the gold standard.

Thus, it would have come with a restrictive monetary policy never to a crisis in any market, in accepting the fact the money had never been extended further than the economy grew. So it would read: “If we had the gold standard, there had never been a such a crisis.”

Since monetary policy is expansionary, however, gold & silver are probably not a bad investment decision in the case of a strong currency devaluation (no trade request). But they will not even if the economy continues to grow normally, ie accomplish the state no longer needs financial support measures, and they themselves also has a share by salary increases shall be purchased shares has, himself, or anything else is to fall victim to inflation, not the healthy and lose real money or miss returns. However, the current monetary policy, in my humble opinion not the right way to langristigen recovery and the government budget deficits is also not reassuring …

what are we saying the best … “The show must go on “????

Gold is not pressed, but sold
And while speculators

The little man always has only lost, otherwise he would not little

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